Engage your network. 

MEDASYNC’s Clinical Collaboration software unlocks your clinical data – connecting you to doctors, hospital care coordinators and case managers – to better coordinate and collaborate over patient care.

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Facilitate timely collaboration over shared patients

MEDASYNC helps Skilled Nursing Facilities reduce avoidable readmissions and drive better outcomes with a software platform that automates your existing clinical data – allowing disparate providers with shared patients to be aligned by a single patient view with real-time, actionable information.  No data entry.  Just the right information at the right time to stimulate collaboration with hospitals, health systems, physician groups and ACOs.   

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For physicians and NPs

Improve outcomes and prevent avoidable readmits with timely physician engagement and faster caregiver response to adverse condition changes.

  • Push live updates and notifications when critical patient events occur such as a condition change or transfer.
  • Review history and trends in one concise clinical patient summary.  
  • Easily invite and subscribe doctors and nurse practioners and link them to only see their patients.
  • For multi-site providers, consolidate patient information from multiple EHRs into one log-in. 

For health system care coordinators

Health systems are now watching patients more closely post-hospital discharge, due to payment bundling, and following up with your clinical leaders regularly.  Keeping everyone in the know requires sharing patient status, case reviews and progress toward goals with your referral partners.  

MedaSync streamlines this clinical data transparency through a shared patient record with just the right information.  

  • Admission, discharge and transfer notifications
  • Concise clinical patient summaries 
  • Progress toward length of stay targets and readmission rates