Robust data analytics to better understand your margin and what you can do about it.

Do you know your P&L on a payer by payer basis, or by diagnosis? How about the number of times a higher level of care was delivered yet billed at a lower rate? With managed care continuing to grow and paying on average 23% less than traditional FFS, it is important to understand your data and the opportunities.


Discover trends:

  • Trend profitability and margin by managed care payer, down to the case details.

  • View condition specific data to analyze service costs, LOS and margin by diagnosis or chronic condition.

  • Connect the dots between referral and diagnosis trends.

  • And much, much more. 

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Analyze Pharmacy Utilization

Pharmacy costs are often the second largest expense for a SNF. With MedaSync utilization analytics and daily tracking, you can review ordering habits for high cost and frequently ordered medications. .

Monitor Therapy Minutes

Pinpoint over or under delivery based upon managed care contracted levels or RUGs. Stop billing at a lower rate, when a higher level of care is delivered.

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