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Predictive data intelligence and automated workflows to help SNFs navigate a complex reimbursement environment.     


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Managed care continues to grow.  Today, more than a third of all Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, while projecting additional 12% growth in 2019. For Skilled Nursing operators, more managed care means significant strain on staff resources, time, payment rates and cash flow. 

MedaSync’s sophisticated case management, data intelligence and workflow automation software minimizes the administrative burden of managed care, maximizes charge capture and delivers awesome analytics so you can focus on resident care.

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Ensure correct payment for services provided through automated service capture technology that pinpoints every exclusion, carve out and level change.


Minimize administrative time and headaches with automated workflows to efficiently communicate status updates to MCOs.


Proactively plan and manage utilization costs pre-admission and throughout the stay with automated service activity monitoring and alerts.


Harness historic and real-time data to evaluate cost and revenue trends and drivers by diagnosis or payer.


Data driven insights.

MedaSync software uses sophisticated AI to synthesize more than 500 unique patient data points direct from various sources such as your EHR, a faxed referral, insurance contract, therapy system or pharmacy. Our integrations revolve around our client’s current systems and require no duplicate entry. This one of a kind combination of both real-time and historic data from multiple sources produces a powerful clinical and financial data set to drive meaningful and actionable insights.

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